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Emerging as the first Smart Township in the city, SAVASA’s facilities and utility services are carefully designed to ensure maximum comfort of its residents.


Human thermal comfort realise heavily on actual temperature, humidity and wind speed. Our masterplanner designed the township with a lot of emphasis on the creation of comfortable living spaces to provide maximum thermal comfort of the resident.

Passive Design Township Level

Much thought has been put into the application of passive design principles such as sun orientation, wind direction, wind control and mirro climate control.

  • Sun Orientation

    Every building faces either the North or South direction to avoid direct heat from the sun.

  • Wind Direction

    The cluster road design incoroporates features that provide passive cooling effect

  • Wind Passage

    To create wind passages, roads are laid out in correspond to the dominant local wind flow.

  • Micro Climate Control

    Comfortable microclimate is important to create a good quality living environment. To reduce energy consumption. SAVASA is designed by applying passive solar design concept.


Cross Ventilation

Cross ventilation reduces the need for constant air conditioning and electricity usage by tapping into the natural sources of cooling by allowing the wind to pass through the house.

The stack effect principles applied in SAVASA allows hot air to naturally rise and escape the house, including those that are normally trapped in the attic area.


The unique design of the entrance gate senves as a welcoming monument that greets booth residents and visitors with an added sense of homeliness.


To provide maximum shading to ensure thermal comfort of the residents, a selection of shady & leafy trees formed a green canopy which cools the air and serves as the lungs of the City. Heat generated from outside of the development area will be cooled down before entering the site by the green barrier.

Landscape &
Green Outdoor

To encourage social activities and interaction among the residents of SAVASA, green network with pedestrian/cycling path and active green space becomes the dominant structure of this development. Once someone enters the residential
area, they can walk or cycle freely and thus increases the mobility of the people. Sustainable infrastructure such as rainwater harvesting feature, storm water management system, as well as solar panels are located in the active green spaces.


Springing from SAVASA's core philosophy of green sustainability, public facilities within the complex are powered by renewable sources of energy.

Centralized Solar Power Generator

A centralized solar power generator or solar farm is used to provide electricity for street lighting and public facilities.


The Bioswale system has been installed throughout the complex that prevents body by allowing faster Absorption of water into the ground.

Solar-Powered LED Street Lighting

In order to reduce monthly maintenance charge, the solar-powered LED is a smart solution to energy effisient street lightning.

Underground Water Tank

Accompanying the bioswale is the underground water tank that functions as a rainwater retention svstem covered With landscape Of rocks and bushes.